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Windshield Repair Houston – A Video of Windshield Repair in Houston Texas

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A video of Windshield Repair in Houston by Clint Norris “Every job is guaranteed not to fail, if it does, just bring it back (No questions asked,. I will re-do it for FREE!) 17 years experience. I take pride and care about my work. Most cars only take 10 minutes.


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The damaged area is vacuumed until all oxygen is evacuated and pressurized with the injection pump tool until the special clear acrylic resin has entered the ends of every crack. Then the resin is cured with a UV light or sun light until the resins are completely set up. Then the excess resin and tape is removed with a razor blade to smooth out the outer surface of the glass. Then the windshield is cleaned up with glass cleaner and paper towels.

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Auto Glass – Houston, TX – Windshield Repair – Safe | Affordable (Houston)

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Houston Windshield Repair

Safe & Affordable Windshield Repair – Houston, TX

Windshield Repair – Houston, TX – Auto Glass – Safe | Affordable

Windshield Repair, Houston, TX. You search & We talk about this & Now your here. Windshield Glass | Professional Repairs on Automobiles in Houston. http://clintsglass.com/

Fast Service Low Prices. Auto Repairs | Car Repairs – Big Cracks and Rock Chips on Windshields in Houston, TX. We Guarantee Every Job! Lite on Cash? $20 Repairs Most Auto_Mobile’s. The best price in the repair of broken windshields. Repairs are so affordable, consumers can get cars fixed many times. Safe, will not cause leaks or rust metal lite some replacements do.